Tuesday, June 8, 2010


It's been a while since you've seen our pretty (and a little neglected) garden. We have been so focused on the deck/patio that it hasn't grown too much since our first go last year. Next year, though, will be another story! We're hoping to double the size and of course, add chickens.

First, at the far end, we have our peppers. Just simple bell peppers, though we're going to get our jalapenos going in a pot on the patio. Last year, our thai chile plant produced more than enough for us to dry and enjoy for oh, the rest of our natural, chile-lovin' lives, so we skipped those this summer.

Then, the squash. Zucchinis and yellow squash, all begging to be grilled and covered in Parmesan. Or fried. Either way, I know nothing if not how to unhealthy-up a veggie.

Our green beans. RIP to them since this photo. A sly little wabbit chewed off the bean buds and the leaves before Hubs chased him away and I grabbed clumps of cat hair off Trip to sprinkle amongst the plants to scare away the critters. We also added the fence today, which is a little more traditional method for keeping out the scavengers. Hey, we're busy with other outdoor projects.

The store-bought basil. Can you believe we forgot to start our favorite herbs' seeds this winter? What were we thinking?

The wild mess that is our parsley and sage. Parsley isn't really perennial, but our came back with a vengeance. I chopped about half the height off for this photo!

The beets took a beating. Somebunny ate them, so we only have a few ad little ones left. Hubs is inconsolable.

Now, here is what stumps me. The bunnies are defying stereotype by avoiding these lush rows of carrots completely. Go figure, doc.

We've also got strawberries going, thanks to Antoinette. We're pulling the flowers off this year to keep the plants' energy focused on growing nice and strong.

The red onions have gone crazy. One is as tall as the fence and we aren't even supposed to pick them until later this summer!

The tomatoes are looking good, too! Can't wait for them to hit their growth spurt. Again, because I want to fry them. Who doesn't love fried green tomatoes with mozzarella? Oh. I cannot wait!

How are your plants doing? Any tips for keeping bunnies at bay (aside from the fence and cat-hair strategy)?

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