Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The house always wins

Since it wasn't raining the predicted cats and dogs last night, we decided to put up our $30 at Lowe's fancy new light to replace Ugly McSeventiespants.

Cheerily, we switched off the electricity and unscrewed the old fixture. And that is where the fun ended. There was no electrical box, no ground, no love to be had.

Not wanting to endanger ourselves or our guests, we knew we had to call in a pro to fix this by adding a ground and a box. So, Electric Dan (as he is listed in my cell, not his actual business name) is coming over tonight after work to relay to us the estimated cost for this new adventure.

That clearance light is not such a bargain afterall. Damn you, frugality.

On the plus side, Hubs and I readily agreed that if Electric Dan is cheap enough (not so cheap as to be scary - he's licensed and insured), we'll add a plug under the light too, so we can jam out to some smoove jazz on our new deck.

Another plus is that we got this little goodie in the mail today - a deck-completion candle holder from Hubs' mom. So, our deck isn't totally dark, just romantic. Oo la la.

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  1. I love the nickname of ugly McSeventiespants. I may have to steal this lingo.


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