Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy holidays, from my blog to yours!

I can't even lie, y'all. I am checked out of blogging this Christmas. Work is busy gearing up for Heart Month in February (because I think January lasts maybe three hours and then BAM! Busiest time of the year) and I'm spending every spare second soaking up all the festivness one gal can (festiveness does equal that marshmallow-flavored vodka, right?). Plus, I've got my eyes on the prize: nine succulent days off between the holidays in which I'll be staying up late, eating lots of pizza and playing more (active) video games than any 9 year old on my street. And painting the trim in the living room, which is sure to be a par-tay and a half.

I haven't been posting much because honestly, the holidays are SO MUCH about tradition for me. We decorated the same and baked the same cookies and watched the same movies so it hardly seems worth it to rehash it all on this poor blog. If you want to see how I'm rollin' this Christmas, just check out last year's posts (minus all the body-wracking-sob-inducing stories of the basement reno (from Hell!)) and that about sums up not only this Christmas, but many before and many after.

One new thing I have this year is a gift to all of you.

Here it is:

And that my friends is what I call the beauty of the flippin' season.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Finally not a redneck

Here we are: December 2011. My Christmas lights have been up on my house for one full year and it's officially not awkward anymore if anyone sees them during the day.

It wasn't even that painful, but I do fear this is the start of a very slippery slope. What's next for us lazybones? Leaving the blow-up pool out all winter? Rotting pumpkins on the doorstep until they biodegrade back to the land? Trucks with horns on the grill? Gold teeth? Ill-conceived tattoos? A growing propensity for High Life Lites when cutting the grass or baking cookies?

Damn it.

Please keep an eye on us.
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