Friday, March 22, 2013

Bathroom Bump Up: I Stop Being Lazy

Thanks to the nearly-ready human I've been carting around, I managed to dodge helping redo our bathroom. And I truly, honestly felt horrible about it. DIYing is never actually fun in of itself, it's just fun because it gives me and Hubs and excuse to hang out, make progress and eat basically unlimited Jimmy Johns. As a DIY team of one, Hubs got the short end of the stick, especially because this project has dragged on and on and on.

So, this week, with dust settled, heavy lifting out of the way and fumes finito, I decided to roll up my sleeves and park my buns in the tub to help install tile. 

Sausage fingers with caked-in grout to prove I was involved!
Obviously, as the more precise one in our pair, Hubs was in charge of cutting tile to size while I grouted and hung sheets of the subway tile.

After that set for 24 hours, it was grout time!

Another 24 hours and we again had fixtures.

Now, we're patching that cracked plaster around the edges of the tile and slapping on some more paint. Then, we can hang the shower curtain and finally bathe in our own home again! Can I get an amen?

Beyond that, we're just a few decorative touches away from my favorite thing - a good old fashioned Before and After blog post!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bathroom Bump Up: You thought we were done?

You may have noticed I've been pretty silent on the subject of our bathroom makeover. We did the floor, the walls, the counter and the toilet - all with joyful hearts and one eye on our wallet and sanity. Ok, maybe "we" is a gross overstatement and "joyful" could be completely off-base, but you know. Hubs. Hubs did shit. And we have a prettier bathroom than we used to. And we spent a little money as possible.

But, one major eyesore loomed. You see, kindly reader, previous bathroom renovators failed to seal the grout in the shower, resulting in horribly disgusting grout lines that refused to budge no matter what manner of noxious chemicals I poured on them and how much grease my elbows did put forth.


The original plan was to do a quick and dirty fix - scrape out the old grout and slap on some new, white, sealed grout.

That plan was all good and well until we realized that gol dangit, we ride by the motto Bigger, Better, Best 'round these parts and no quick and dirty fix would do for us. Especially because scraping all those grout lines promised to be only dirty and not very quick.

So, we're re-tiling the whole thing. For an extra $170, it seems like a good plan since many of the original tiles were cracked anyway. Plus, that soap holder is NASTY.

So, last weekend while I napped, Hubs demo'd.

Then, he rebuilt.

Last night, tiling began, but was short-lived because our tile nippers kept breaking. This is a Very Bad Thing when it's 8:00 on a work night and you're surrounded by wet grout. Luckily, I can get to Home Depot and back in under 30 minutes, so all was not lost.

T-minus two days until we can again shower here. Until then, it's hobo showers and abnormally frequent trips to the gym for all!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Last summer, we took advantage of Direct TV's deal where you can cancel service for up to six months. And we survived the long, dark winter with just Hulu and local stations.

Well, it took paying just one full bill for us to start tossing around the idea of dropping the dish for real. Forever.

$100 per month just for me to mindlessly zone out to Snooki and Jwoww once a week and binge on Bar Rescue marathons on Sundays just isn't a good value.

So, we took the plunge and as of midnight tonight, it's all over.

Now, we aren't total hippies, I mean, we love brainless entertainment as much as the next dudes. Between a Hulu Plus subscription and the recent discovery of the Amazon Prime app on the Wii, we'll still be able to unwind with some shows, but without feeling like we are paying for 200 channels we never watch.

Are you already getting your TV this way? Did I just blow your mind or am I like super behind the times? It's hard to tell.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Quittin' time, boss

I've been a 100% work-from-home employee for about a month now. It's been an adjustment, for sure. I love not having a commute and not having to jam my up-40-pounds self into respectable business attire for 8 hours a day, but the lack of face-to-face interaction with real humans is kind of a bummer.

Luckily, I have two feline office mates who are more than willing to get all up in business and make sure my work-life balance stays balanced.

My office manager, Trip

They are used to getting dinner right at 5:00 and about 4:30, they start hovering at my desk. Climbing in my lap, face-swiping the monitor - anything to let me know it's almost time to close up shop.

They are seriously smarter than they look. And super punctual.

Next week, I'm going to start scheduling at least one day each week where I work outside of the house because if I don't, I'm pretty sure neighbor kids will start horrible rumors about that "hermit cat lady." Which. Is not my preferred reputation.

Local peeps: Any suggestions for fun spots where a gal can get her WiFi on?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Oh, hey. We're ready for a newbie.

Days are flying by me so fast I can barely even fathom that in 5-9 weeks, I'll be carting around a brand new person - in my arms and not my gut. Luckily, said new person will have the most pimped out room in the house.
The lounging side of the room. We got the glider from Homemakers because big-box baby store gliders are the ugliest things I'd ever seen.

Admittedly, the least fun corner of the room. But how much do you love the woodland storage bins? They make my world so happy.

My masterpiece. Stenciled from a projected image of our wedding invitations, the tree is going to be reason number one I'll cry when we sell this house.

The nursery is about 95% ready for inhabitation. The drawers are piled high with washed cloth diapers and jammies, and the closet is organized and brimming with all kinds of totally weird shit like nipple pads and cabinet locks that will definitely make me feel stupid someday.
Baby BBB is going to have one pampered heinie.

These PJs are so tiny!

Honestly, I don't really know what to even do with half of this stuff.

 Toys and blankets. These, I know how to use.

All that is left is some art on the walls, which we'll get to sometime in the next month or so. Until then, focus 'round these parts is on soaking up the beauty of sleeping in late, not feeling guilty about having three types of ice cream in the freezer, and watching Game of Thrones without worrying that we may be traumatizing an impressionable young mind.

The view from here.

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