Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Working underground

Of the three projects we've been chipping away at lately (bathroom, baby room, home office), I'm so excited to say that one is totally done! The home office is all set up and has already seen some major productivity out of this gal.

So, I'm the world's worst DIY blogger in that I was sure I had before pictures of this basement corner when it was the fooseball table's home, but I was sorely mistaken. So, you get a screen shot from our basement before and after video:

And here is the office, all gussied up. I painted a chalkboard wall, got a pretty sweet new desk at Costco, an office chair and (thanks to my amazing co-workers), a Scentsy warmer because this space is still shared with an aquatic turtle and three litterboxes.

Work is so much more fun in a pretty space, don't you think?

The only downside to this home office gig is that the fooseball table had to go. There just wasn't room, so it's heading back to St. Louis, where I can visit it and blow people's minds with my fooseball intensity (not skill, just enthusiasm).

One down, two to go!
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