Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Des Moines, I'm wearing your clothes

This summer, we're lucky enough to get to celebrate with seven of our pals as they tie the knot. Of course, with seven weddings comes a smattering of engagement parties, showers and other festivities. This, of course, requires a gal to be lookin' good like all the time.

Which is really, really pricey. Especially when I prioritized spray tans and bought a six-pack of them because really, no clothes are gonna look good on a pasty blonde.

Luckily, Des Moines is home to at least two super delightful consignment shops, a category of boutique I have only come to recently appreciate. Basically, when Des Moines hoit-iest and toit-iest tire of their Vera Wang, J Crew and other swank attire, they pass it off to these shops where bargain-hungry wedding guests like myself scoop them up.

I've found myself stopping by both Francy Pants and Worn (which is now expanding to West Glen!) about once a week to see what new steals I can find. So far, I've got two wins beneath my belt:

This yellow Banana Republic dress, which I got for $34.

And this simple black dress from J Crew which was my very favorite buy at $14 - tags on. 
Trust me, it's super cute, even when I'm not posing with my sister's leg.

What consignment deals have you found? 
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