Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bathroom Bump Up: You thought we were done?

You may have noticed I've been pretty silent on the subject of our bathroom makeover. We did the floor, the walls, the counter and the toilet - all with joyful hearts and one eye on our wallet and sanity. Ok, maybe "we" is a gross overstatement and "joyful" could be completely off-base, but you know. Hubs. Hubs did shit. And we have a prettier bathroom than we used to. And we spent a little money as possible.

But, one major eyesore loomed. You see, kindly reader, previous bathroom renovators failed to seal the grout in the shower, resulting in horribly disgusting grout lines that refused to budge no matter what manner of noxious chemicals I poured on them and how much grease my elbows did put forth.


The original plan was to do a quick and dirty fix - scrape out the old grout and slap on some new, white, sealed grout.

That plan was all good and well until we realized that gol dangit, we ride by the motto Bigger, Better, Best 'round these parts and no quick and dirty fix would do for us. Especially because scraping all those grout lines promised to be only dirty and not very quick.

So, we're re-tiling the whole thing. For an extra $170, it seems like a good plan since many of the original tiles were cracked anyway. Plus, that soap holder is NASTY.

So, last weekend while I napped, Hubs demo'd.

Then, he rebuilt.

Last night, tiling began, but was short-lived because our tile nippers kept breaking. This is a Very Bad Thing when it's 8:00 on a work night and you're surrounded by wet grout. Luckily, I can get to Home Depot and back in under 30 minutes, so all was not lost.

T-minus two days until we can again shower here. Until then, it's hobo showers and abnormally frequent trips to the gym for all!

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