Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Basement Boogie: Notsomuch

It's been a while since you and I have talked basement. What with all our trips to the coast (sigh) and business trips (businesstalk) and holiday trips (hiccup), November just kind of flew by us without much progress.

And in fact, December might, too.

The biggest hold-up is trying to figure out where to start - Hubs whipped up a snazzy flow chart showing what needs to happen in order for the next phase to happen, in order for the next phase to happen, etc. It's getting pret-ty nerdy up in here, folks. But it's totally justified - rebuilding is hard work. And confusing. And frankly, it makes me want to curl into a ball and eat seven pounds of M&Ms. Because that would clearly solve all our problems.

Add to that that we likely won't be able to replace the windows until February because of the window dude's timelines (which halts drywall work because why put up drywall if the windows are known to have some seepage issues - that would just put us back at square one, (you know, the square with the wet drywall? The square of tears and fears and woes and sobs?) which we wouldn't want, now would we?).

So, that's that. Just hang with us and trust me, eventually we'll be doing posts on stud-work, vapor barriers and the wonders of drywall hanging. Someday, we'll even be posting about putting up new baseboards, laying resilient flooring (which I daydream about regularly) and building a bar and beer cellar (oh. yes. We will have earned a beer cellar if we live to see the days of a nearly finished basement.).


  1. I'm in that 'want to curl into a ball and eat seven pounds of M&Ms' stage right now too. Home renovation of any kind is so overwhelming!!

  2. This post made me choke on my coffee. I don't mean to get pleasure out of your pain but you just write tragedy so well. :)

  3. I definitely gave you a shout out on my post I just wrote ha!

  4. We are big plan aheaders, too. It really makes a difference, and it so sucks when you miss something that would have been so cool or so perfect and so easy prior to the build. The office was a big plan-ahead-project. And we just finished the drywall in the "Kidz Den". waiting for the mud and tape guy to come so we can move on! but unlike your window folk, Pete should be here next week!


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