Tuesday, December 14, 2010

That's the night that the lights went out in Iowa.

Don't worry, nobody got shot or was acting adulterous in this blackout.

Saturday night the weather in Iowa and the rest of the Midwest was nasty. Freezing temps, biting winds, snow, ice - they even started cancelling church for Sunday morning. Hubs and I hunkered down with some homemade pizza, some presents to wrap and White Christmas.


The power flickered.

"Isn't it weird that we've lived here almost two years and we've never had a major power outage?" I ask, clearly dooming us.

"Yeah," says Hubs (such a talker, that one!).

Flicker. Flicker. Hubs goes on a beer run to the corner store because it's going to be a long night. Opening line of White Christmas. Rousing rendition of Gee, I Wish I was Back in the Army.

Flicker. Flicker. Dark.

Hmmmm, I think to myself (who else would I be thinking to, by the way? I'm not as telepathic as I'd like to be). If the power is out and stays out, so does the heat. Panic. Panic! It's going to be cold tonight! We have a cold-blooded turtle! Ay yi yi!

Hubs returns and creates a calming environment.
Guess Who, a wind up radio and some sweet sweet High Life got us through.

The power stayed off until about 4:00 a.m., but we only know that because our neighbor told us. Around midnight, we packed up the reptile and cats and made our way a few blocks to the Ramada.

Don't even pretend to look surprised.


  1. LOL! This reminded me of my Aunt and Uncle. They had to do some traveling, but also had a baby goat that needed extra attention.

    That's right, they took the goat to the hotel with them and snuck it in, along with a kiddie pool and blankets.

  2. Reba has a song for every occasion.

  3. Uh, you took your pets to the Ramada? I didn't even know you could do that! haha

  4. Totally legit. They accept pets, although we didn't pay the pet fee for the turtle. He was secreted in to the room in a plastic bucket. I can't be classy all the time!


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