Saturday, December 4, 2010

Finally cold enough for this...

(Angels singing, heavens opening up, rays of soft light dancing on my shiny hair and fabulous vintage coat)

I've been waiting since the Fourth of July to don this puppy (not literally, though the fur is real - WHICH is okey-dokey with me since it's vintage (the cuddly little guy would have been long gone by now anyway and what am I gonna do - disrespect his life by throwing his hide away? Should I bury my coat? Or thank his little ghost for being such a trooper and apologize for any pain he was in and wear the hell outta my fine coat?) and my stylish Nana's and sohelpmejeebus, if someone throws red paint on me (is that still happening? Or did it go out with flannels and bowl cuts?) I'mma cut someone (not literally. With my words. Slice.)) and tonight I finally get to step out in it!

Don't you hate finding awesome winter stuff in summer? It's a long wait. (Let's not talk about the fur thing. I feel a little guilty, which isn't a good look for me. I furrow my brow when I'm guilty (now you know) and really don't want to have to find a vintage fur hat to cover up all those lines.)

Aaaaaaand scene.


  1. oh! so super cute! And honestly, how is real fur so different than so many other animal products we consume? You are stylin', my friend!

  2. Where do you buy the vintage clothing? My niece is into vintage jewelry.

  3. This coat was from my mom's mom, Nana, but has great vintage stuff - especially jewelry!


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