Friday, June 18, 2010

Just a really good salad

This week, our CSA share was double-sized thanks to a generous neighbor who let us have her share while she's out of town. It was also a big week for dark-leafy greens. We ended up with swiss chard, collard greens, red lettuce, cilantro and mizouna (a green with purple stems, so pretty!).

With all these greens, I decided to go for the obvious - a salad. So, while Hubs wrestled with some post issues on the deck (more on that later), I got to work making salad accessories.

I had some whole wheat hot dog buns, so I tossed them in olive oil, threw on some salt and paper and called it a day. The croutons were actually really good. You'd probably never know they were made with semi-stale hot dogs buns except I just told you.

And then I made some homemade ranch and was so excited that it actually tasted like ranch. You need to understand what a milestone this was for me. My cooking creations aren't known for their success rates.

I also threw in some red onion and carrots, then we topped it with faux chicken tenders. I was meaning to take a picture, but it was just too tasty and I forgot. I will say this: My Nana loves salads (and this blog - aloha, Nana!). The woman can wax poetic about a salad she had once on a road trip in 1987 like it's nobody's business. Well, if Nana had been here for dinner, she'd have been in hog heaven. This was one sublime meatless chicken salad.

As far as the rest of the greens, we're set with the chard and collard greens - but this mizouna will take some figuring. Ideas, sweet readers?

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