Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Patio Palooza II

Patio Palooza is in full gear. Friday kicked it off with 1 guy digging in a skid loader, 3 deliveries and 2 people hauling gravel like they were in some 1930's chain-gang. Digging was the easiest part because it is the one thing we had contracted out. Digging a 14' x 16' x 8" patio didn't sound like a fun time to us, and renting a skid loader would have cost as much as hiring someone. Not to mention that neither of us has ever used one (we would probably have to post, Deck Part 2: rebuilding the deck because it was hit by a skid loader).
After we recieved a delivery of sand, gravel, pavers and supplies

we were able to start hauling in the gravel. We set up a few stakes with a mason line 4 inches above the ground to act a s a guide in loading it all.

As we were cleaning up we even found this:

The patio is off to a good start.

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