Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Found food

The other night, Hubs was wandering toward the back of our yard, pondering this ugly clump of bushes we've been meaning to tear out and replace with something that's a little prettier. That's when we realized that they weren't just weeds - they were raspberry bushes!
See them at the back of the yard? Waaaay back there?

Since we're just now discovering this little bounty, there weren't many left. Birds, bunnies and other jerkfaces have stripped the poor thing. We'll be keeping a closer eye on it and cleaning it up a bit so we can enjoy the yumminess a little more next year.

We've also got a nice apple tree back there. Last year, all the mini-apples dropped off around this time, but they look lovely this year! Here's to hoping we will be knee deep in apples come fall.


  1. You have raspberry bushes?! Lucky girl!


  2. Damn, how big is that yard?

  3. Three-quarters of an acre, and this picture barely shows half of it! Somewhere along the line, our house's property lines took over our neighbor's back yard, too.


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