Monday, June 28, 2010

We're done! Before & After

It's official - Deckstravaganza and Patio Palooza are complete, done, kaput, finito. After two months and two days of constant scheming, hammering, crying and trips to Home Depot, it's over. We had a little par-tay this weekend to celebrate the doneness and even with 30 people on the deck, it didn't collapse, so I'd say we were successful.

Blood + sweat + tears + 1,000s of pounds of lumber and brick = 

Outdoor oasis fit for two upwardly-mobile Iowa newlyweds a king.

But, you're not here to read about how much everyone loved the Jalapeno Popper Dip I made for said fiesta, or how much the neighbors fawned over our hard work, or even how the night ended with a phone call from a friend who left his unmentionables on our fence after a dip in our awesome pool. No, you're here for the tour. Well, here you go:

That was nice right? Now, how about a trip down memory lane. Yes, friends - the before and afters!

Here's what we saw this winter from inside. A blizzard left us with a literal ice box. Not cool.
But, really, when all that ice melted, it wasn't much prettier.
Now, ohmygoshIloveitsomuch. That trellis makes my heart skip a beat.
The old view from the yard:
And the new view. This one almost has me choked up.
We used to just have these stairs. Inviting, right? They really said, "Come on up here and get tetanus and a PBR."
We kept the side stairs because they open right to the driveway, which is nice. Now, they're saying, "I like your shoes! Come relax and have a homebrew. No need to fear for your life here."
This sad little garden was under our bedroom window.
And now, it's perfect! We're going to add some cascade hops to creep up the deck and trellis, too.

Thank you all so much for following us as Hubs and I took our yard from a space we barely used to one we couldn't love more if we tried. It's been a fun ride, but man, am I glad all we have to do on the deck now is chill. Anyone else finishing a big outdoor make-over? I want to see your pictures! Because I'm nosy.

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  1. It looks amazing! I think I'll replay the video and have a beer. It will almost be like we're there to celebrate the completion. Right?

  2. Awesome I got a shout out in your blog! Yes!

  3. It looks GREAT!!! Murph and I can not wait to come for some BBQ!!

  4. Awesome you guys! I wish hops would grow at my house too- they're so cute and well, awesome. You guys have done a great job!

  5. Looks great! I'm sure you'll get lots of use out of it and be the envy of your neighbors.

  6. Yes, it is perfect. Perfect, perfect, perfect. I am all teary-eyed, too!

  7. Okay, I'm in love with your new deck and patio! Your hard work definitely paid off!! What an inviting space and a great place to spend summer evenings. Great job!

  8. Such a nice transformation from a painted old deck to unfinished wood.. looks wonderful and I'm sure your enjoy sitting out there in the nice weather!

  9. Oh my!!! how pretty!!!! Hard work is so rewarding!

  10. I love the wide open spaces! Great job!

    (Come on over - I'm hosting my first giveaway now!)

  11. Hopping over from Boardwalk, your trellis and whole deck is super, your hard work paid off! Lezlee

  12. It turned out BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing!

  13. What a transformation! Love the hanging plants, I wanted to do something similar... now I can't wait to do it! All your hard work really paid off - I wouldn't want to leave it either!

  14. Fabulous new deck. It looks like a whole new place. Enjoy!

  15. I wanted to stop by and let you know that your project has been featured from Wednesday's Boardwalk Bragfest. Congratulations on your wonderful "bragable"! You can see your feature here:

    Please feel free to take a "featured" button, and thank you for sharing your project. I hope to see you on the Boardwalk again very soon!

  16. Your deck looks fabulous! I love the black spindles - they make such an impression! Love the hanging arbor too. Fantastic job! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  17. You guys did an awesome job! The old deck closed everything off. Now your whole backyard is opened up! Fantastic!

  18. that looks great, love that patio. definitely the place to entertain! popping over from remodelaholic.

  19. It looks fantastic. If I there were, I'd never want to come inside!

  20. Hey Alexson! That looks amazing! What a transformation. You guys should be super proud!!! :) ENJOY!


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