Friday, June 25, 2010


This week, things in our little CSA box were wild. Like, real crazy, kids. Brace yourselves - we had three kinds of basil. Add this to the basil in our yard and I now have four basil (geneovese, Italian, thai, red)varieties at my fingertips. I'm delighted. Smell the pesto? That's me.

Also in the mix: more swiss chard, mint and parsley, plus a cute little stalk of broccoli. I'm thinking of tossing the mint, plus some sprigs from last week, into some sugar to make minted sugar to rim our mojito glasses. Pesto pizzas and pastas are also clearly on the menu what with this wealth of basil. I'm also going to try to convince Hubs to do something more exciting with the swiss chard than wilting it, but that man is a sucker for hot greens. Maybe we could fry it?


  1. We have a delicious swiss chard and bacon dip... Let me know if you would like the recipe!

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