Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The next adventure is...

You may recall that Hubs and I are plotting a big adventure (assuming we survive the Big Adventure that is backyard remodeling). Well, after much deliberation wherein we thought we decided before I found an article about some itsy-bitsy islands in Panama that changed everything - we decided.

We're all booked and set to head to Bocas del Toro, Panama! Yep, within 24 hours of learning this place existed, Hubs and I were booking plane tickets and e-mailing hotel owners. I never move faster than when planning a big old-timey adventure.

Check out the hotel we booked:

Amazing right? It’s on piers right above the Caribbean and you just stand out on the dock to catch a $1 water taxi to other islands. The single most amazing part of this place? $83 a night, people. Insane, yes? And this isn’t some scummy hostel, no, ma’am. This is legit, grown-up hotel living, complete with a private bathroom, hammock and guy who cooks omelets.

I. Can. Not. Wait.

While basking in the tropical glory of this hippie-haven/chain of rainforest islands, we’ll eat a ton (naturally, this is what we do), snorkel, surf, kayak and hike into a bat cave (creepy!).

What I’m saying is, we might not come back.

Does life get any better than a peaceful commune of expats and locals living by the sea, eating fresh scallops everyday and running surf schools? Sigh.

Been to Panama? Know a place we could crash for two nights in Panama City? Good restaurants? Local beers?

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