Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Patio Palooza: Game over

I'm loving these before and after segments (don't worry, you'll get a full Before and After Proper Tour once the last screw has been screwed). Behold, innocent readers - the view from the pre-patio before:

Lame. Lamer than lame, this old view made me wanna throw beer bottles at it (empty, but of course). Oh, but readers! The new view! It will make your heart palpitate and your design sensibilities salivate (huh?). Fo realz.

There are four tiny, baby rosemary bushes that will grow up to cover the under-belly of this construction and of course, more hostas, as promised.

Now, lest you be slapping any one's momma over the awesomeness of these transformations, I must remind you - we ain't done yet. No, no, Ms./Mr. Reader. Another set of stairs and some final trim await the deck, but as for Patio Palooza - I declare it complete. And a success. A complete success. You may commence awaiting the super final awesome reveal with baited breath.


  1. I totally love the transformation you did here. You made the small space very functional. I can’t wait for those rosemary bushes to grow and bloom flowers. I’m sure it’s going to look perfect in summer. And it’s sure going to be an eye-attraction in your home. Kudos! ->Shona Martinez


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