Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On hosting adult parties

Our deck-warming party last weekend was the first real grown-up party we've hosted at our place. Co-workers, neighbors and other assorted adults were on the guest list right next to our college friends - something that only happened at our wedding.

So, in case you haven't thrown your first adult party yet, here are some tips:
  • Grown ups bring food. Like lots of it. After a baking drought, I was hell-bent on whipping up homemade goodies last weekend (the best dip ever, soft pretzels, salted caramel brownies, potato salad (no recipe link, used my mom's recipe!) and even a wild berry and lemon coffee cake for Hubs and I). I never expected the on-slaught of guest-brought treats (Wine! Pasta! Cupcakes! Cookies! Fruit pizza! Fruit salad!)! We had food for 60 at a 30-person party.
      • College friends will bring six packs, or possibly 30 packs. Nothing wrong with this. Nothing at all.
  • You can never have too many kinds of soda. Diet, regular, caffeine-free - these were all requested. Be ready.
  • Get ready to feel like a rock star. Real adults will find everything about your little party and your little house and your little white cat great and they will tell you all night long. This alone earned them repeat invites!
  • Don't worry about the mingling. It happens on its own. I was so thrilled to see everyone chatting; I swear I could just watch parties and be totally happy. I get a kick out of it.
  • If you're going to make salted caramel brownies, label them. One neighbor thought it was some kind of meatloaf and the rest probably thought I mixed up the salt and sugar. Tasty, though!
Do you mix it up for parties or keep groups separate?


  1. Where's the pictures?

  2. I was too busy defending my poor salty brownies to play photographer at this shin dig!

  3. I love having Grown Up parties. From the small to the big as long as it's without the kids.


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