Sunday, June 6, 2010

Patio Palooza: Greens

The entire Casa de Bigger, Better, Best took a long weekend to continue Hubs' momentum on the patio. After exhausting our supply of bricks with just one row to go, we decided to trek to TimberPine for some greenery. We were a little overwhelmed with all the options at first, but have no fear - soon we were zipping out to tag trees with their sales team and running amok in the green house, scooping up two-for-one annuals like there was no tomorrow.

When we got home, we set them out to find the perfect spots. Below is the garage side, which looks a touch nakie, but we got a junky old birdbath with the house and I have big plans for it (picture it filled with elegantly dropping flowers and sweet potato vines - oh, I melt).
Did you catch those two bushes on the edges? PEONIES, y'all! I got these two bushes and one other so that I, too, can have big, flouncy cut flowers classin' up my bizznezz.

Next up, the full-sun garden, filled with some perennial shrubs and grasses and bright flowers. Our prairie modern concept went a little out the window, though we kept the grasses and wild-ish looking flowers, we just went with what we loved - a trick that worked well when planning the wedding and decorating the house. Gardening can't be much different, right?

The picture of this hanging basket doesn't do it justice. It's a luscious cascade of white flowers and I dig it.

So, to prep - we spread out some dirt and got planting!

We were able to get the full-sun section done Friday night. Next up - other garden areas, mulching and finishing that pesky patio. We're also adding some trees that wouldn't fit in our car to this whole shebang. Go figure, we outdid ourselves again.

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