Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why'd they spend all that time and money on their yard just to put THAT in it?

Ah, yes. I can hear the neighbors now, "They're putting that pool up again? Really? After all that work on the patio and deck? There goes the neighborhood."

Yes, the inflatable pool of dreams is back and better than ever. We had about one cubic yard of sand left over from the patio, so we moved it all to the pool area so that now, when you step in to our little swimmin' hole, your feet are cushioned by lots of sand and not stuck standing on hard mud.

Now, I know this isn't the most attractive yard ornament one can have, but guess what. We live in Iowa and an in-ground pool here does more to hurt property values that it helps. At the same time, though - it's HOT and here at the Home of Bigger, Better, Best, no kiddie pool or sprinkler will do. And with public pools basically being a place for the teenage contingent of the city to make out and squeal with arms raised when they actually get in the water while the rest of us try our damnedest to relax - just, no thank you. Further, homies be broke. Even if we had the $20,000 a proper in-ground pool would cost, we have a few other projects that would need to come first.

Maybe someday we'll have a lush, South Beach meets Des Moines pool, but for now - we're rollin' redneck.


  1. Wow,nice, one of the best read posts so far.

  2. HEY! We just got the SAME pool... but our yard slants, ever-so-slightly to the West... One rainstorm = flat pool... So, for 2 weeks ours has looked like your 1st photo.

    Have I told you my neighbors LOVE us?

    Now I need to learn how to build a patio or deck as the kids play with deflated vinyl. *sigh*.


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