Saturday, June 5, 2010

One Thing Thursdays: A Day Late and Peso Short

Darling readers, I'm back in Des Moines! Yes, just 48 hours ago, I was here:

You have no idea how early this bird had to wake up to catch this juicy worm of a hammock set.
Ah, yes. Living it up on the lovely beaches of Cancun with my sister, best friend and her sister. Delightful, as evidenced by this photo of me sporting my Derby turned sun hat. Do I not look delighted?
Pardon, that's clearly my serious model face. Having just witnessed a mob of ladies holding an hour long photo shoot of themselves doing lame fabulous things like crawling in the sand, I suppose I was inspired to one-up them. Aaaand pout.

Anyway: one thing to do in Cancun? Hop on the Lupita!
We set out for a day-long excursion on the trimaran, Lupita. The crew was amazing and hustled to bring us fresh rum runners as we needed them (so, every 20-30 minutes, give or take). The sail included an hour-long snorkle off Isla de Mujeres, which was great. Lots of coral and schools of tiny fish. Wanna hear something snobby? Having only snorkeled at the Great Barrier Reef, I was kind of afraid this wouldn't measure up, but there was plenty to look at.

After the quick dip, we had some time to shop. I hate bartering, but I did get a sweet skull ornament. I love Dia de los Muertos figurines.
Then, we stopped for lunch (included, as was the booze) on a private beach and wouldn't you know it - my chicken sister and scardy cat self held an honest to goodness shark.
It was $1 to do this. A tad lame, not very PETA-friendly, but do you have a photo of you and your youngest sister holding a shark? No? I do.

Plus, we made Canadian friends (who doesn't love a pair of Canucks? I've never met a grumpy Canadian. Ever) and the best part - we spent $62 per person for this whole day. Not a bad deal when compared to the other excursion options.

If you have time for two things: Spend a whole day doing nothing but sipping your Dos Equis and listening to the waves roll in!

Or, you could knit on the beach.

I am not ashamed. Not of the swimsuit, not of the floppy hat and certainly not of the knitting.

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