Saturday, May 29, 2010

Patio Palooza: I walk the line

Before we had the yard dug up, we needed to mark out the future patio. I thought this meant spray painting wherever looked good, but I was clearly mistaken. Hubs had me out there: measuring perfectly straight lines, using a protractor, aliging angles and generally reliving geometry.

However, all those precide lines looked a little weird, so we ended up drawing a perfectsquare (so we would know we had enough bricks, sand and gravel) and then free forming the swoops and curves we wanted.

That dotted line between the two swoops marks where our garden will be. We wanted little pockets for privacy and nooks of gardens.


  1. Hey, patio looks fab! You guys did a great job..laura

  2. I haven't seen anyone chalk a yard before.


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