Monday, May 17, 2010

Deckstravaganza: Level Headed

Putting up the main posts that will hold the railing in place didn’t sound like a big job to me. I figured we’d screw them onto the frame and call it a day, but hubs had another idea in mind.
Like all other parts of this deck, he wanted to make sure nothing short of the hand of God could remove these posts from our precious project. So we started by making sure each post was positioned perfectly. Not almost perfect, not “that’ll do” – no, we’re talking painstaking, life or death perfect.

Then, we used scrap 2x8s to frame around the posts so they were secure on all four sides. Nary a wiggle here, folks. Sturdy is an understatement.

Between late Thursday and early Friday, we managed to get up four of the six posts we will need! We also somehow broke this hammer, which I will be spray painting a light turquoise or something and framing, because we love free art!

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