Friday, May 21, 2010

Deckstravaganza: Boards & jorts

First, something no human being - living, dead or in various stages of zombieism - has seen since 1994: Me in jean shorts.
Not only are there jorts, but there are also huge sneakers and zero fray because these puppies were cut in a blind fury. Stop your drooling, folks! This is how a lady who owns no gettin'-dirty shorts rolls when she's hot. Alluring though this look may be, there is much work to be done.
Or is there? This deck looks finished!
Just kidding. Trick photography, kids.

Anyway, we had a few floor boards down, so I worked on adding to our tiny landing pad while hubs started putting up the trellis anchors.
Again, with the trick photography. Look, Ma - no jorts!

This is where I stopped. The foreman looks pleased.

This weekend, we're calling in reinforcements! Hubs' old roomate is coming over Saturday for a long day of finishing deck boards and (we hope) starting on the rails. The end is near, you guys!

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  1. It's looking good! Both the jorts and the deck!


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