Thursday, May 13, 2010

One Thing Thursday: Merle Hay Neighborhood

Perhaps best known as Beaverdale's neighbor, my beloved 'hood is actually Merle Hay - a pretty sweet neighborhood in its own right. We've got cute houses (mostly mid-50s ranches and 1.5 stories), bike trails, local businesses, BIG yards, mature trees, schools, a rocking neighborhood association (if I do say so myself) and proximity to all the fabulousness DSM has to offer.

What we don't have? A pawn shop.

You see, we recently learned a pawn shop/payday lender wanted to set up shop just blocks from what I envision as my forever home. Not cool. Always the marketer, I worry about people associating my neighborhood with seedy businesses. Studies have also shown that pawn shops can increase the crime rate and cause property values to plummet. Not music to my ears.

So, I spent today reaching out to my council members and neighbors - asking them to do what they can to keep my little 'hood wholesome. It's been a great response, but only time will tell. For those of you interested, there is a public meeting today at 4:00 p.m. at City Hall.

I digress: One thing to do when wandering the streets of Merle Hay?
Bike there!

I recently discovered biking and I like to swap out my SUV for my $25 refurbished Huffy whenever possible. Places I bike to (not all are technically in MH, but whatever - we're all neighbors!):
  • Snookie's for ice cream
  • Grounds for Celebration for iced tea on the patio
  • Timothy's for a beverage
  • Payless Shoes for kicks
  • El Chisme for pizza
  • Marino's for Italian
  • Merle Hay Mall for whatever my little heart desires (usually the next completion prize on an Old Chicago Mini Tour)
  • KC BBQ for some nomalicious pork
  • India Star for naan
  • Church!
  • Jimmy Johns because I'm freaky fast, too
  • The gym
  • Riley Park for a picnic
  • The bank
  • Dahl's
  • AK's
  • The Sprint Store, should my phone fail me

What do you love about your neighborhood?

*Update* Here are details on a council meeting this afternoon where residents will speak out against pawn shops and payday lenders.

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