Thursday, May 27, 2010

One Thing Thursday: Puerto Vallarta (or any tourtisty jungle)

In honor of my Mexican vacation in a few short (actually, they feel really, really long) days, I present to you:

One Thing To Do in a Tourist-Riddled Jungle – Zip Lining
OK, so this isn’t the post you’ve come to expect from my hobo-with-a-plane-ticket-and-a-pocket-of-big-dreams OTT regimen, I know. You’re thinking, “Ma’am. OTT is about doing one thing unique to that location. Zip lining is offered, like, everywhere. Way to sell out, lah-oos-sah.”

Me and my sister, rumbling through the Sierra Madres, on our way for some good old-fashion tourist fun!

Well, I have no rebuttal other than to say that sometimes you go to touristy places and sometimes you indulge in touristy things and sometimes those things are freaking awesome and result in you catapulting through the trees, your safety resting in one carabineer and the technical knowledge of some dude with a scum stash. And that is OK. Fun is fun, so get off your high horse, already.
If you have time for two things: Find a dancing horse. This one was conveniently part of the resort's evening show, and it mesmerized Middle Sis and I for a good twenty minutes.

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