Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hot, hot knits

Literally. My beloved side project, Happy Hour Homemakers, got an order from our one and only (and therefore best and most awesome) client for thirteen scarves. THIRTEEN!

Now our darling client was planning ahead and only wants these by Christmas, but fate has aligned our stars so that these will likely be finished before the Fourth of July.
  • I’ve got plane rides next week, four of them in fact, to move my rump from its current position on my couch to Cancun, Mexico. And seeing as how I am the woman who once spent nine hours panicking in a stall of LAX, terrified to board a plane for New Zealand lest I end up a corpse in an ocean, being slowly eaten by the supposed angels of the sea – well, distractions are certainly welcome as I swoop up and down over North America in a most unnatural way.
  • Once at my destination, my only job is to lounge and eat musk melon.
  • By nature, I’m wired to do a little more than that, so while my traveling companions nap and swim, I’ll be knitting.
Seriously, who takes 15 skeins of yarn on a tropical vacation?

*Also, who makes some of these vidoes? Bad techno and pixelated new agey dolphin art? Goodnight, America.

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