Thursday, May 6, 2010

One Thing Thursday: The Burg

In honor of my youngest sister's upcoming graduation, this Thursday is all about Warrensburg, Missouri. Lovingly known as the Burg, this little western Missouri town is a parallel universe. My mom also went to school here, but I like to imagine it was a lot more quaint back in the day.

One thing to do in the Burg: Get some breakfast.

Now, because the Burg is a college town, complete with rowdy boys in flannel shirts without sleeves riding in pick up trucks with girls wearing giant hoop earrings (hello, stereotype), you can find all the thrills associated with both small-town MO and college life in this dear hamlet. Yes, insanely cheap drinks, dirty (horridly squalid) bathrooms (the kind that will scar a grown woman of my delicate sensibilities for life) and unsavory characters are all part of the charm of Warrensburg after dark. But, we're a family show, kids, so we're keeping this wholesome.

Mary Jane's Cafe is home to some of the biggest and yummiest biscuits and gravy I've ever had. Plus, there's the added bonus of spotting precious old men in overalls (remember how that skyrocketed a diner in rural Colorado to the top of my OTT list? I have a problem.). It's cheap and delicious and filling - all things I approve of.

If you have time for two things: Head to the Cadillac Ranch to scoot your boots. My sister talked this place up quite a bit and frankly, with my penchant for senior citizens in country garb, I'm shocked we never made it there. I'll live vicariously through you, darling reader.

Have you been to the illustrious Burg? Did I sell it?

P.S. Please check out Cadillac Ranch's MySpace page. Hilarious. Friday is Drink til Ya Drop night and they have a mug club and they promise to "clean" (quotes are theirs) your mug. Also, it makes me feel like my sister may have overstated the yeehawness of this establishment.

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