Friday, May 7, 2010

Dream food

The other day, hubs and I were happy houring away and enjoying some stromboli at the bar. My seat was right at the end of the bar, smack in front of the margarita salt. I took a bite of the stromboli and looked wistfully at the pot of salt just inches away.

If only I could combine these things, I thought then said aloud.

And wing sauce! Oh my - bread and wing sauce and salt....and CHEESE. Ideas were formulating here, people. I think this is how genius feels. My very favorite foods combined in one gooey roll could not be bad.

Would you eat cinnamon rolls that were really pretzels with cream cheese, shredded cheddar and hot sauce with pretzel salt on top? I inquired of my husband.

Sure, he said.

And with that loving vote of confidence, my resolve was set - the hot pretzel rolls would see the light of day.
Now, seeing as how we're doing a little home improvement, this culinary recipe was put on the back burner. But, it's rainy out and I've got to clean my kitchen anyway as hubs' ma and pa are coming to stay with us this weekend, so why not get crazy?

Also, I'm looking for a snappy name for these guys. Thoughts? If you come up with a good enough name, I'll make you a batch! (Assuming they don't taste awful, of course. I'd hate to drive away readers with bad pretzels.)

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