Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chicken fever

A lot of ladies in my world have the fever. Baby fever. Though I’ve dodged that bullet for the time being, I have sadly come down with another and entirely more disturbing illness: chicken fever.

People, I want backyard chickens so bad! I mean, it’s hilarious and tasty and totally in tune with the planet, man. Three things I love. Plus, I already have names picked out (shut up). Fresh eggs and clucking ladychickens wandering around our yard sounds delightful. Legally, you can have up to 30 backyard chickens in the city of Des Moines. I’m only talking about two measly chickens, here!

This plan is not without naysayers, though, hubs among them (though I’m pretty sure he can be persuaded by fresh and tasty omelets). Chickens are messy and loud and prone to being violently attacked by roaming predators (including one husky white feline who will remain anonymous). Still, I’m convinced the positives outweigh the negatives.

Do you know any chicken people? Do their neighbors hate them? Do they curse the day they brought a chicken home? Or are they super awesome and always smiling because their breakfasts are extra delicious?


  1. Hey...I'm right there with ya! I'm dying for some chickens! I'm working hard to bribe my hubby to buy an acreage just so I can have me some. Let us know if you get the green light...we'll follow in suit

  2. So many people are chicken lovers. Here at the homestead they are a way of life, along with goats,pigs, and honeybees. I enjoyed your post. For some of your answers visit.
    I'm sure you'll find everything you'll need. If you life in a neightbor hood you might want to stay with hens.

  3. Forgot to mention you should check out Hobby Farms, particularly this page

    They're talking about where to get your chicks. They're also a good resource for chicken farming in general

  4. Awesome! Thanks for the chicken resources, guys.


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