Monday, February 1, 2010

Signs I Might be Crazy, Installment Three

We are meeting with our tax guy this weekend. While dear old Dad has done a real whiz-bang job since I first started scooping ice cream at age 15, the time has come to bring in a professional. I mean, I changed jobs, bought a house, got a fatty first-time buyer’s credit, used that to get some blissfully draft-free, tax-credit-eligible new windows, and got married.

Taxually, that boggles my mind. The mister and I could not even fill out our new W4s without a quick call to the tax man.

Why is this a Sign I Might be Crazy?

I’m really looking forward to spending Saturday morning with the tax guy. I’m ridiculously excited to see how my withholding changes and (most importantly) what our return will look like. I’m no math genius, but I sure do like big numbers on checks made out to me.


  1. How did you find your tax guy? I'm thinking about calling up one of the people who mailed us letters because it's genius to target new homebuyers and I want a genius to do my taxes. I'm kind of scared about it. I am bad BAD at keeping track of financially significant paperwork.

  2. I got his name from a friend, but I see the merit of your method! I started a file last year labeled: Important Crap and stick eveything in it. It might be too much. I also literally have a file called Sentimental where I put all the RSVP cards to our wedding and birthday cards.


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