Thursday, February 4, 2010

C'mon in!

A few weeks ago, I took a three-day weekend to spruce up the small, forgotten spaces of our house: the side entry way and the hallway. You've seen the before pictures of our hideous hall, and I'll get the afters up as soon as the sun comes out long enough for me to take a picture that isn't shrouded in darkness, as the one below is.

Meanwhile, here is the side entry (it leads from our driveway to the basement and kitchen) in all its glory. Before, this was a pretty boring spot with off-white walls and a ceiling to match (no before pictures, sorry, I'm new here). I took a brighter white to the ceiling and a rich toffee to the walls. I also touched up the existing white trim to be a cleaner white.

Our old light fixture was a basic dome light that didn't play up the height of the ceiling, so we took that down and replaced it with a nice (and cheap!) pendant that brings in the red of our kitchen.

Aren't you rather amazed that our window covering matches so well? Not a coincidence, my friend. This fabric is also used in the Roman shades in our kitchen and came with the house. Thank you, previous owners! Points scored for working with what the house gave me.

Also, ignore that creepy red glow, in real life the effect is a lot more cozy-warm-so-glad-I'm-finally-inside (see below).

Hope you like the colors, you'll be seeing them again in short order!

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