Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lahve, lahve, lahve, I want your lahve

Oh, Lady Gaga. You're officially in my head.

As I'm starting to run more, I've found that I need some serious music slamming through my eardrums to get going. Lately, that means playing the three Lady Gaga songs I own at top volume on repeat for a mile or three.

Turns out, I Pavloved myself.

Today, innocently working at my cube, Bad Romance came on Pandora. Instantly, I wanted to run. As in, running sounded fun at that moment and, in fact, for the rest of the afternoon. The need to run continued until I hauled my sorry booty out into the cold and over to the gym where I hopped on a treadmill and busted through a run that had me at my top speed.

Yay science! Yay wigs! Yay sweat and lip-syncing!

1 comment:

  1. That's really funny. I like to work out to music like that and it does work to get me pumped up when I am just sitting around too. But you "pavloved" yourself. That's good.


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