Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Pictured above are three items found when Hubs cleaned out the garage this week. Two french doors that we replaced at the house and a piece of siding we removed when putting up the deck.

Are they in a trash pile? No.

Are they going to Goodwill? Huh-uh.

Are the going to the ReStore? Nope.

These little things are being hoarded. By me. For future awesomeness.

Behold, dear reader, my plans:

  • The doors will be sanded down and the panes will be removed. I'll take off the hardware and paint the outside of the doors a soft gray and the inside a pale turquoise. I'll find brushed nickel and glass hardware and replace the panes with metal sheets covered in a pretty fabric - definitely pale turquoise and hopefully involving some kind of chicken pattern. They'll become part of our wall of closets in our finished attic.
    • Oh, yeah. The attic is unfinished and we have no plans to renovate for at least another five years. But when we do, those doors will look magnificent and I can tell everyone they were original to the house, which eventually, when I'm old and gray and sell this place, will be like 100 years old.
  • The siding will be power washed and we'll find a funky font and trace some words for a sign to hang by our basement bar. Maybe something about home brew or cheese.
    • Yep. I'm talking about the basement that got flooded and the bar we no longer own. But, we should be back in business this winter, so it's not that bad.
What do you think? Do you see the vision? Do you store junk treasures for use in the distant future, too? 

PS How tidy is this garage? Hubs made the little side under the pegboard table out of leftover deck parts. Ain't he resourceful? (And yeah, those are the crepe paper wedding bells our pals tacked on our car on the wedding night. Wasn't kidding about the hoarding, people.)

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