Monday, August 9, 2010

The tale of the soggy cellar

Oh, my dears. I was so pumped for this week. I was like, wicked jazzed about a week to do as I pleased (you know, before I start my new gig) - knitting, laying in the classiest blow-up pool in the 'hood and tarring the driveway - what lady doesn't look forward to these things?

Sadly, it all came crumbling down (ish) this morning, when the Hub-a-rino (eyyyyyy!) woke me up and told me I needed to get into the basement. Now, I was in such a sleepy stupor that I actually thought he was about to surprise me. My brain said, "There's a present in the basement! I hope it's a kitten!" Silly brain, you were WRONG.

Nope, the basement was soaked. Water, water everywhere and not a drop to spare. It had rained about 5 inches last night in our area, but it seemed like our basement berber had soaked it all up. Hubs and I had a harried conference in which we decided that I'd spend the morning cleaning up and calling water damage specialists and he'd come join the fun after lunch (what a rock star - taking PTO to wet vac a basement!).

So, we're waiting for somebody (anybody!) from the water damage pros to call us back so we can get started on the real work. Since err'body and their brother seemed to have a wet basement today, we're on waiting lists that might leave us low and wet until Wednesday! That means our carpet is likely unsalvagable.

And you know what that means - awww yeah, dudes - new carpet. We're about to start rocking a basement re-do waaay earlier than planned. A few wet spots of drywall that need to be patched is enough to get us thinking about a new paint color, too. So, there is a spot of silver lining in all this mess.

Anyone else have a soggy cellar? How about a direct line to Mike Holmes?

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