Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A glorious return to the non-profit world

So, while this blog isn't really about my professional life, I've got some big news from Professional Alexson to hit you with. And so, a guest post from Professional Alexson:

Hello! I'm so proud to announce that I've recently accepted a position with the American Heart Association as the new Director of Communications in Iowa. Friday, I'll leave the agency world and step back into a non-profit role. It will be sad to leave the agency where I gained national media relations experience, learned from amazing co-workers and developed a deeper understanding of all those agency jokes in Mad Men,* but I can't wait to dive right in and start reading up on all things cardiovascular. I love seeing marketing plans through from conception to implementation to measurement and this job will give me the chance to get back to being a one-woman show when it comes to communications - at least in Iowa. I'll be working alongside 11 counterparts across the Midwest, so there will be plenty of people to bounce ideas off of. That's a great balance - room to customize plans with lots of regional and national support.

*Editor's addition: Just like doing drama club in high school had me cracking up at Waiting for Guffman. Everybody dance!

Short but sweet. Professional Alexson is all about getting right to the point. Since the new job doesn't start for a whole week, DIY Alexson will be out in full force around the old homestead. I've got a real doozie of a project for ya, too. I'm going to re-tar the driveway, which will be just fascinating, I have no doubt. Any volunteers? I pay in soft pretzels.


  1. Very well done, Alexon! Very cool!

  2. Alexon -

    Congratulations on the news! FABULOUS!

    Continue to add value and support those that need it. Your growth (professional and spiritual) depends on it!

    Keep Cooking!
    Andrew B. Clark
    The Brand Chef

  3. Congrats, what a cool opportunity! I'm bored to tears daily with my corporate job.

  4. Alexson,

    Congratulations on your return to the NP world! I think you will do great things for AHA!


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