Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Tar and Feather

Something about the repetitive process of actually applying the sealer to the driveway made this the best part of the whole process (and not just because it was the final step!). 

It was super easy, but not exactly as economical as we had thought. Each five gallon tub of tar claims to cover about 500 square feet, but we found we were lucky to get one tub to cover 200 square feet. At twenty two bucks a pop, this mean our little project went overboard real quick. We ended up using 14 tubs to cover our fancy little driveway.
Jorts! The workshort of all glamorous ladies.

You use a giant squeegee to spread the Latexite mix over the drive. The directions said two thin coats are better than one thick one, but we only did two coats in some high-traffic areas. Pretty sure this won't ruin our property value or cause the whole thing to explode - two key things we consider before taking shortcuts.

It took about three hours to finish up with the squeegees and then a day to dry. Even though no one will ever come over and say, "I love what you did to the driveway!" we really liked this project. It turned a huge eyesore into something that blends in and makes our whole front yard look tidier. I'm not sure a driveway should ever be the first thing people notice when they see your house, but you definitely don't want them noticing it for all the wrong reasons.

Have you done any hideous-to-liveable projects lately?


  1. Looks great! Hideous to liveable was our Master Bath remodel. **shiver** Pretty bad to liveable -KITCHEN. But the project I hate spending money on the most: MUDJACKING. While I know it's necessary, it's not cheap, and REALLY who even notices. blurgh.

  2. Oh this brings back memories. My grandma's neighbors used to do this to their driveway every couple years! I always thought it was so cool to ride my bike on their driveway cause it was soooo smooth!


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