Monday, August 23, 2010

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Dirty Work

Although my house decided to pitch a fit and take on a little water in the basement, I was determined to seal the driveway this month. I wanted to remind the house how much we loved her and how much blood, sweat and tears have gone into making her all gorgeous and that she shouldn't be such a diva. I mean, seriously. The house knew the basement didn't suit her, so she basically dumped red wine all over it (OK, it was water, but I like to picture my house with teased hair, wearing a white evening gown, screaming, "NO! These shoes will not do! I'm not wearing them and I hate them!" before dumping a bottle of merlot over her whole outfit. What a B).

So, seal the driveway we did. The first step was cleaning the driveway - all 1,100+ square feet of it!

I pulled weeds and pried the grass off the edges first.

Then, we power washed all the grime off.

My legs were kind enough to collect the grime, so that it wouldn't spread. Thanks, legs!

Once the driveway was clean and shiny, it was time to fix some cracks. Stay tuned, I know this is riveting!

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  1. My house has a similar personality. Although, she's less Diva and more Cranky Old Lady. Still love her, though. Every chain-smoking, set-in-her-ways bit of her. :)


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