Monday, August 2, 2010

Westward ho!

You guys, last week was a long week. A week full of spreadsheets and Trip Advisor research and comparing and contrasting and group decision making. Once Hubs and I cancelled our Panama trip, we needed to plot a new adventure like STAT. Due to our deflated budget, this wasn’t easy but Goonies never say die.

It was a toss-up for a while between the Bahamas and Grand Cayman. Hubs, who typically is not a beach-vacation type of guy, was all set to sit on a beach and be handed drinks all day long. Seeing as how this might never happen again, I was all gung-ho about it. But, we realized real quick that a decent beach vacation can be had for way less on plane tickets we aren’t taking a huge loss on.

New plan time. We started hunting for tickets that were so cheap that the $300 penalty wouldn’t hurt us, but would leave us about even. That brought San Francisco to the front. Once we started thinking about all the food-y, booze-y goodness this trip would entail, we rebooked. We are suckers for gluttony. So, we’ll be spending a few days in the city before heading to Napa for two nights and Sausalito for a night so we can check out Muir Woods, which I hear is delightful in every way. Like we officially rebooked our plane tickets and everything. We’ve got spreadsheets outlining our choices in lodging and wine tours, because making vacation decisions for two people is tough, especially when one of the people has in recent memory convinced the other person to book a vacation somewhere seedy and no longer trusts her own travel spontaneity.

Who’s been to Napa? More importantly, who’s been to Napa and didn’t drop fat cash on a nice place to stay? I found some cheap places, but they are mostly for nude hippies, which doesn’t really jive with our Midwesterness.


  1. When are you heading to SF? Hubs and I are going to be out there September 1-5. I was just researching Napa tours last night as we are actually staying in SF the whole trip and just doing a day trip. We meeting up with friends we met during our honeymoon in Italy three years ago.

  2. We'll be there a little later than that. I never thought of doing just day trips to Napa! Good idea!

  3. Whee! That's going to be so fun! I can't wait to use all of your thriftiness for our trip up there!

  4. Recommend a stop at Prager port works (good whites, too):

  5. So I know you didn't specifically ask for San Fran advice, but last time I was there I went to this Italian place that was freakin TDF (to die for). Trouble is, I can't remember what it's called. But if you're up for a treasure hunt, it's on a triangle-shaped corner right smack in between Chinatown and Little Italy. You can't miss it. Hahaha.

  6. I'll have to track down some emails I've sent to others going to Napa. I did a mind-numbing amount of research for the exec retreat I planned last fall.


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