Friday, August 20, 2010

Patio Palooza: Big brother

Allow me a nerdy little break here. Google recently updated it's satellite images of our little corner of the world and caught Hubs working away.

You can see the huge dirt patch that would become the patio, plus Hubs tamping away at the dirt. That patch of dirt to the right is where our digging guy dumped the excess dirt, to level out a small hill. If you look close at the driveway, you can see the massive amounts of sand and gravel that would become the base of our patio. You can also see the sad little circle of dead grass from where we put our fancypants inflatable pool each summer and our sad little landing strip of a garden (it looks much better now, I swear!).

Google's Streetview was also updated and caught our street on a very windy trash day, so there are oodles of recycling and trash bins rolling around in yards and whatnot. Pure class.

Admit it Des Moines, you're about to look up your house to see if you got caught doing something cool.

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