Thursday, August 26, 2010

One Thing Thursdays: Savannah, Georgia

Almost ten months ago, Hubs and I got hitched than ran South, toward grits and shrimp and Yuenglings and pecans and greens. We spent a week in Savannah, where seafood and Southern food collide in a symphony of radness and moss drips from centuries old trees and antiques are hella expensive.

One Thing to do in Savannah: See that line? Get in it! Like now! Now!

Here we are outside the most delicious and amazing food experience of my life, ever. No joke. You see, there used to be this sweet little old lady in Savannah named Mrs. Wilkes. She ran a boarding house, which basically is like a hotel, except you get a home cooked meal every night. And Mrs. Wilkes had the best Southern spread in town. She passed away a while ago, but every day from 11 to 1, the staff uses her sweet old timey recipes (they include things like lard and canned ham, which is oddly endearing and disturbingly delicious) to feed throngs of hungry folks, like the two good looking specimens above.

So, we waited in line for an hour in the rain, surrounded by obnoxiously chatty New Yorkers (bless their hearts) and I can still say it was worth it. Once we were sat at a table of eight other strangers/friends-to-be (everyone loves newlyweds, I guess, even if they are snarfing down country ham like the world is ending in an hour), the waiters started bringing out food. And they didn't stop. We had 36 dishes, served family style, and I guarantee you there was not one Hubs and I didn't try. Fried chicken, greens, cole slaw, cornbread, beans, macaroni and cheese, BBQ pork, biscuits, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and stuffing and more. We made friends, we got a taste of the South and we gained ten pounds in an hour. Signs of a good meal, right?

If you have time for two things in Savannah (and room in your gut): get some pralines. Then, eat them, preferably by the amazing house pictured below (it's part of the art school, so naturally those crafty folks know how to play up the awesomeness). Then, pass out from joy overload.

If you have time for three things or aren't hungry (who are you?), skip on over to Wormsloe Plantation for creepy pre-Civil War ruins, low swinging moss and the most impressive driveway ever.

Did I miss your favorite Savannah stop (if you want to say Paula Deen, just unsubscribe right now)? It's one of my favorite cities!

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  1. We are officially ex-friends. I love Paula. I admit her restaurant doesn't do her culinary talents justice but come on now. She is just so jolly and loves butter. I would have thought you guys would be kindred spirits!


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