Monday, August 30, 2010

St. Lou-ish: 24 hours in the burbs

I took a solo road trip this weekend while Hubs was working away. My partner-in-crime since seventh grade was hosting an open house party at her new pad, so I jumped at the chance to head back to my beloved city. Well, kind of. You see, my people are all suburb people - we hail from Chesterfield on the western edge of St. Louis county. But, like a pioneer, my bud bought even more west than that. So my 24 hour trip was actually 40 miles outside of the STL. It's OK though, did you know Nelly isn't even from St. Louis City? Technically, University City is a suburb, too. True story.

Anyway, my mini-getaway was lightening quick, but here are the highlights:
  • Making stellar time on the way down - just 5:15 from my house to a local grocery store where I picked up a few ribbons for my unwrapped housewarming gift.
  • Lunching with the mayor of Cottleville, Missouri and my aunt. (The mayor owns the restaurant and stopped by our table to talk about asphalt trails)
  • Downing massive and unladylike quantities of various dips.
  • Picking up a Crave Case and driving it the long five and a half hours back and only sneaking four little sliders.
How was your weekend?

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