Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dessert of my dreams

A few weeks ago, before our basement leaked, when we were innocent homeowners who had never huxed 400 square feet of soaked carpet up the stairs and lost our dignity by spilling out of the house, falling on the carpet just as the professional cleaners arrived just in time to hear some highly unladylike language, we had our pal over for dinner.

Feeling adventurous, we decided to do another Chopped style dinner, like we tried last winter. The first two courses were good; we had some meatballs and some trout and no one was repulsed but no one was jumping with joy, either.

Until dessert.

Dessert's mandatory ingredients were bacon, melon, chipotle and panko. So, we hopped on the bandwagon and dipped our crispy bacon in chocolate that we'd infused with chipotle powder. We toasted the panko with cinnamon and sugar and placed the breadcrumbs over the chocolate before it cooled. Then, we just sliced the melon, so that was kind of a cop-out.

OMG. Now, I know that like, everyone and their brother is making chocolate covered bacon, right now, but I really don't care that I'm just following a trend, because this trend is delicious. This trend is smoky and spicy and crispy and melty and sweet and when you stick it on a melon, you might just pass out from happiness.

How do you take your bacon?

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