Sunday, August 22, 2010

Baby steps

One of my goals this summer was to can something. Maybe a salsa, or a jam, or a sauce - I didn't have anything pinned down yet. But, after realizing that resurrecting our basement from a teensy bit of water (seriously, who knew less than an inch of water could wreak such havoc?) would be a much larger job than anticipated, I chucked the goal of canning and figured smaller goals like not crying on the phone to the insurance guy and trash people might be a little healthier.

Then, I discovered freeze canning. Flipping wistfully through my old Better Homes and Gardens cookbook (that's the plaid one. Everyone has one.), waiting for some contractor or other to call me back with a quote, I saw a section on freeze canning - or, canning for people who cannot emotionally handle real hardy woman canning. Having just gotten a bag of apples from our beloved CSA, I decided the apple butter recipe would work. It was really easy and it tastes better than any apple butter I've bought at a store.

Basically, you just boil down some apples and simmer them with some spices until thick.

Just what I needed to boost my confidence and remind me that though the basement is overwhelming, Hubs and I are truly, truly blessed. We have great jobs, our health, fabulous friends and family and a buttload of apple butter. What more could we ask for?

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