Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Presidential DIY Do-Over

Have you seen the redecorated Oval Office? I was watching the Today Show and Ann Curry was interviewing an editor about the redesign. Basically, Obama had some new wallpaper put up, a custom rug (turns out, it's tradition for each new president to design a rug with the presidential seal. Who knew?), had some chairs reupholstered and got a new couch.

It looks nice and modern, but personally I find it just a touch boring. But, then again, I guess it should be boring and kind of serious because you know, there's kind of some serious stuff going on in there and a menagerie of driftwood pieces or starfish probably wouldn't look right when you're discussing the fate of the free world.

Anyway, I'm not here to give my two cents on the design of it all, but rather the price. Ann Curry asked the editor how much, as a designer, she thought the re-do would have cost. "Hundreds of thousands?" Ann asked.

Jaw. Drop.

Seriously? Hundreds of thousands for wallpaper and new couches? I don't care who paid for it, whether it was donations or what, but come on. Any DIY-er worth their painter's tape could have whipped that office into shape for a few Benjamins. Sure, a custom rug must be pricey, but the rest of it would be easy-peasy. I bet even the rug could be made by some enterprising young individual with some carpet squares and maybe some paint. Not me, but maybe you.

This is as political and we'll get here, I promise. I was just shocked sweet little Ann Curry threw out such a huge number for changes that don't seem that substantial.

Do you like the new look? Would you have dropped such fatty cash for it?

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