Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pimp My Office: Cork Cutie

When I moved my brain to a nonprofit job, my brain was rewarded with an office. I'm talking four walls, a solid door and a huge window with a view that includes trees, y'all. This office has potential.

I'm hoping I can get permission to spend a weekend de-wallpapering the place and slapping up some soothing pale paint, but in the meantime, I'm making due with what I've got. I've put the requisite wedding pictures up and have my little box of tea bags out and bought myself this mousepad as a first step toward office greatness.

Next up, I needed a cork board like real bad. I have been taping post-its to the wall by my phone for the past month and it looks so ghetto, I'm ashamed every time I dial a number. So, I headed to Goodwill, where I picked up a sweet gold frame containing this lovely piece of art.

Sorry for the blurriness, it was incredibly humid and my camera hates that.

I popped out the print and spray painted the intricate frame. After two days and two coats, it was looking less than pretty, so I brought out the same light turquoise that I used on the bottom of my corner shelf (which, again, does not photograph as turquoise but it really is, I swear).

I picked up a cheapie cork board at Target and cut it to fit the frame. I secured it with a bazillion nails and then covered it up with some paper, lest I scratch that totally rad wallpaper.

Now, it's all set to hold onto all my vital papers. For $20, I'd say it's about a million times better than your standard issue Office Depot board, wouldn't you say?

Be on the lookout for more workspace beautification projects - my brain works better when it's surrounded by incredibly easy DIY work.

How do you snazz up your office?

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  1. Super cute! Thanks so much for linking up to gettin' crafty on hump day :)


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