Thursday, September 23, 2010

One Thing Thursday: Tremont, PA

My people are originally East Coast people. Back in the way-back times, they hung out in the hills of Pennsylvania, mining coal, farming like crazy and running a little bar that opened around 6:00 a.m. for all those thirsty miners. Now, they go to flea markets and dance polkas and hang out at the Legion because our family bar shut down. I figure if you're ever lucky enough to be in Tremont, PA, you might like a few things to do there.

One Thing to Do in Tremont: Grab breakfast at Behm's Family Restaurant. You won't find much anything online about this place, but it does exist and it is delicious. Order some hunky eggs (that's eggs, home fries, ham, onions, green peppers and kielbasa all mixed up together) and make friends with an old guy who can get you into the American Legion bar (the number two thing to do in Tremont). It will be fun, I promise.

Things three, four  and five to do in Tremont:

Hike your hieney out into the woods. If you're awesome models, like my two sisters, then go ahead and strike a pose.
Fend off any bear attacks and you just might find the falls. Pretty nice, right? (Stop judging me for the torn jeans. It was 2006 and times were tough.)
Wave hi to the family-owned bar that I'm named after (not really, I'm named after the guys the bar is named after) - Alex's Place (true story: before I was born, my mom's baby shower was held in this bar. Where else would it have been?). Next door is a pizza place that may or may not be open and if it is, I highly suggest you grab a slice. And a Yuengling, which is brewed just a town or two away in Pottsville.

Was that not enough to get your interest piqued? Check out this delightful Flickr pool I dug up, just brimming with pictures of Tremont.

Have you ever been to heard of Tremont? What are your small town picks?


  1. Okay Well I Live In Tremont And I'm Seventeen Years Old And There Is Absolutely Nothing To Do There. Unless Your Like 80 Years Old...Lol. And Behms Is A Joke. When You Order There You Have To Buy Each Item Sepretly. And Yes The Pizza Shop (Randazzo's) Is Still Open But Their Pizza Is Very Greasy So Don't Waist Your Time. And Yuengling Sucks Ass. Tremont Is So Small If You Blink You Will Miss The Whole Town. Plus Most Of The People Here Are Imbreed.

  2. That's a little rude and ugly, Jeremiah. Maybe you could use some of your free time to better understand capitalization and spelling? Have a lovely holiday!

    1. No, Alexson, your comment is rude and ugly.... and ignorant. Entitled and ignorant.
      Jeremiah's comment is basically true. It is a small area people have to leave to work and have things to do. It is the difference between someone who lives there, and someone who doesn't but tries to educate the one who does.


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