Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You gotta want it!

As a competitive gal with nary a sporty bone in my body, I tend to see the world in points. Ran three miles? You get points. Spaz out and spill a coffee on a stranger? You lose points. There's no logic and I'm not so nutty that I'm charting my daily net points in the mother of all Excel sheets, but it's just the way I roll.

Example: The cat's fifth birthday (last Thursday)
  • Remembered the impending birthday on Monday and made plans with Hubs to shop for a gift (gain one point for memory).
  • Five years ago, claimed 9/9 as T-Biz's birthdate because it would be easy to remember (lose one point for bad cat parenting).
  • Thursday, forgot the signifigance of the day until 5:30 p.m. (neutral points. I'm a tres busy gal who uses French words to sound cool).
  • Bought a gift designed to help recipient loose weight (negative forty six points for tactlessness).
  • Felt guilty and tossed some little felt mice into the mix at the last minute (negative one point for impulsiveness).
  • Posted a video of my cat online (negative sixteen points for crazy cat ladyness).
    • So, yeah. The packaging of the foodball showed trim and slim cats frolicking about, burning calories. Clearly, Trip has different ideas.
  • Had a good hair day and Hubs made a delicious homemade pasta (noodles and all, children! The man made noodles. He's a keeper.) with a smoked tomato sauce (win back all 64 points for general life radicalosity).
How do you celebrate the graceful aging of the hairy beasts in your life?


  1. He's shuffling along more than I would have thought! Ha!

  2. Excuse me!!!!!

    Did I hear graceful aging...hairy beasts??

    Hmmm....me thinks someone resembles that comment!

    Capt'n Ralph


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