Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall florals

One of my favorite parts of our house is the front stoop. There's nothing overly special about it - just a concrete step, a red door and (right now) tons of huge and gnarly spider webs (which I'll take down just as soon as I work up the nerve. I'm not in the business of ticking off giant spiders with HUGE. FANGS.).

I added these two little pots this weekend to replace the summer pansies we had out there, greeting guests.
Don't mind the pizza flyer we clearly dropped before photo time.

I love the little (inedible) peppers and the tall, feathery flowers! I scooped both up for a song and used pots we already had to make this a budget project. AND, as if the cheapness wasn't enough reason to love 'em, there's even a bit of personality here: Hubs flips for peppers and we actually used dried versions of the flowers in the centerpieces at our wedding reception last fall.

How do you personalize your plants?

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  1. Pretty! I personalize my plants with brown, because I always forget to water them =x


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