Thursday, September 9, 2010

One Thing Thursday: Reader Recs

I'm writing this post from a Hampton Inn, with my feet crossed on the bed just like in the commercials. I've got one of those businesswoman suitcases that folds in half and I shined my shoes with the free shoe mitt. You guessed it, I'm on a business trip.

In my new job, this will be a much more common occurrence for me - solo trips to the same slice of Iowa. While I've taken business trips in the past, the night times were usually full of get-to-know you dinners and activities because the trips were for retreats and group stuff. The trips I'll be taking now are a little more low-key. I've spent the past two nights lounging on a king sized bed, watching Bravo and "pampering" my face (hint: do not buy your facial products at the dollar store. Unless you like the red hot, scaly look. Then, go for it, you weirdo.).

While a little me-time is nice, I'm curious about what you hard-working folks do with free nights on business trips. Do you venture out for a solo dinner at a nice restaurant? Head to the mall? Watch a few too many episodes of Golden Girls (I swear I've never done this)? See the local sights?

What's One Thing I should be doing on business trips? Help a newbie out!

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